How To Mass Invite List Members

How To Mass Invite with Affinity

This article will show you how to mass invite list members using Affinity.

1. Log into Affinity with your Affinity username and password at:

2. On the Dashboard page, click the mini-menu (three dots) and click Administration. This link will only appear if you're a list owner of the list.

3. On the List Owner Board, click on the mini-menu (three dashes) within the List Member Management panel and click the Bulk Add Members link.

4. A modal will open up that will allow you to either copy/paste your list members or upload a file that contains your list members. Please make sure the Pre confirm, and Pre approved check boxes are all checked. Please make sure the Pre Verified box is NOT checked. A verification email will be sent out to your list asking them to verify their email address and confirm their intent to subscribe to your list. If they do not want to accept the invite then they can simply ignore the verification email.

5. If you have many members, then please be patient as the invite process will run in the background. An email notification will be sent to your list owner email address when the mass invite process is complete.

If you need further assistance with our mass invite function then please open up a support ticket via your client area to request assistance.

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